Thursday, November 30, 2023



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The African Union has made peace and security its primary concern. The Ramaphosa, chairpersonship of the African Union has made an attempt to broker peace between Ukraine and Russia.

The African continent is indeed concerned with international peace and security because of her membership of the United Nations and seats periodically held by African countries in the security council as non-permanent members. Little did president Ramaphosa know the Wagner private army had the capacity to threaten state security in Russia just as the anti-Biden forces could struggle to take over the legislative arm of the United States by force.

This confirms that states must not only look outside for external threats but must also look inwards for internal threats. African countries who are now mortgaged their security to external private armies are at risk of being driven into a state of instability whenever they wish to go against the will of those who command such armies.

There is need for a special session of the AU to look at this emerging threat that could threaten the very survival of many fragile African states. The alarm bell has been wrung. The complacent will pay the price.

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