Friday, March 31, 2023

What Is The State Doing To Save The Land Targetted To House The Sayerr Jobe Foundation?


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The Sayerr Jobe family is now engaged in saving the land left by the son of Sayerr Jobe which is just opposite the mosque in Serre Kunda which is earmarked to build a foundation named after the founder of a village.

Those who inherited the land are said to be consulting to come together to engage in a fund-raising activity to build a modern complex bearing the name of the founder and provide the best cultural attraction that would give a new face to one of the fastest growing urban centres in the country. The Kanifing Municipality which owes its origin to the Jobe clan now has a population of over 377,000. It attracts visitors daily in the tens of thousands. Foroyaa will interview the Ministry of Lands and Regional Government to find out how  it intends to give support to indigenous initiatives to maintain the history and heritages of our settlements.

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