What Is The Governor Doing Regarding Rice Distribution In CRR?



The distribution of rice ,sugar and oil through coupons has been taking place in some places in KM but no person is yet claiming to have a coupon without being given the quantity of rice, sugar and oil earmarked in the coupon. Foroyaa has received allegations from CRR that some farmers are given only rice without sugar and oil, but compelled to give back their coupons to the distributors without the items in the coupons being given. These are allegations which need to be investigated by any governor of a region to ensure transparency and accountability in the food distribution in that region.

When a Governor has interest in a region and exercises effective control by having direct link with the headperson in each village, officials will not have the daring mind to do wrong in the distribution of food.

Hence the NDMA should advise the Government to insist on getting a report from each governor regarding the distribution of government food aid to vulnerable people in the region. This should be done by recording the assessment of each village head in one’s region. The report should be requested for by the National Assembly Committee responsible for disaster for scrutiny. NDMA has put a lot of input and those directly responsible for distribution should not fail the people. Food distribution in CRR should be under scrutiny.

Farmers’ eye will do a comprehensive assessment of food distribution in the areas we are receiving complaints to find out what has gone wrong and who is responsible so that it could be addressed .There would be no room for speculation. The era for accountability and transparency in food distribution is now.