What Is The Government Doing Regarding The Alienation Of The Youth Into Addiction And Crime?

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Foroyaa has taken note of the rage that is developing against burglary. A recent incident has shown that mob justice against thieves is rising. The incident involves a young person in a neighbourhood who grew up as a humble child, but lacked parental supervision due to a broken home.

When he was caught stealing, club was used to hit him on the head. Others kicked and punched him. Taking him to the police was a relief for him.

Police stations are congested because of arrests of young people. Many see these young people as evil persons who deserve degrading punishment. They fail to acknowledge all children are born without any blemish. It is society that creates poverty and deprives the child of support when she or he needs it most. We should take genuine steps to eradicate poverty and provide the child with the support necessary for him or her to grow to become a productive adult. We need to rethink how to take care of our children so that we do not live to disown them.