What is the debate on sexual orientation about?


Question of the Day

What should each Gambian teach your child as he or she grows up to be an adult? Do you know ? Are you convinced that that is right way to bring up your child or are you unsure?

How is that person to relate to those from the same and opposite gender as he or she grows up to the age of puberty and after? Are you convinced that your child is convinced that your teaching is the right one ? How would you want the person you have brought up to live as an adult in relation to others similar or different in gender ? Is the person convinced that that is the way he or she wants to live?

It is the socialisation process which creates mindsets and sexual orientation. Those who know should be consulted to get the right answers, otherwise we will be nurturing a confused generation full of frustration and mental breakdown. Knowledge requires explanation and clarification and not propaganda. No continent has monopoly over knowledge. We all need to learn from the knowledgeable in all parts of the world to address the complex questions of human kind. Be a critical thinker and not just a consumer of whatever others say.