What Is The Consequence Of Corrupt Electoral Practice?



National Assembly elections are just around the corner and these last days are when corrupt politicians engage in dirty work just to win an election. So, the electorate must be vigilant and ready to expose the dirty hands.

Corrupt electoral practice is a crime that can make the election of a candidate invalid. According to section 116 of the Elections Act,

  • “The term “corrupt practice” as used in this Act, means bribery, treating, undue influence or personation,….or aiding, abetting, counselling or procuring the commission of personation.
  • A corrupt practice shall be deemed to be committed by a candidate if it is committed with his or her knowledge or consent or by a person who is acting under the general or special authority of the candidate with reference to the election.
  • Where a corrupt practice is committed by a candidate who is elected at an election held under the provisions of this Act, the election of the candidate shall be invalid.”

The penalty for corrupt practice is a fine not exceeding D25,000 or imprisonment not exceeding 5 years. Such a person will not be entitled to be a registered voter, or to vote at elections or be elected for a period of ten years.

To the voter, the message is simple. Will you sell your birthright for a few dalasis and suffer for five years? The decision is yours.

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