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Arrests in the public service may take place after auditing exercise or the delivery of the report of a commission of inquiry. The executive exercises power by establishing a commission of inquiry to look into matters of public interest. Such commissions of inquiry would have to derive their mandate from what is stipulated in the Gazette.

We are not aware of any commission of inquiry to look into any matter affecting public corporations. Many public institutions are quick to abide by executive directives which are not always in line with what is in line with the law. The executive should therefore put its house in order. For example a secretary general and head of the civil service cannot be the head of the civil service and a minister at the same tine. This is negating the clear line of demarcation between the public service and the cabinet. The cabinet comprises ministers and the president and vice president who are the policy makers who are not entitled to hold public office up to the age of 60. They depend entirely on the person elected president to exist. The head of the civil service, the permanent secretaries and all the civil servants are supposed to have security of tenure as long as they serve a country not a political party.


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