Thursday, July 29, 2021

What Is Responsible For The Frequent Deaths In The Country?


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Funerals of the under seventies are increasing. Many people are wondering why people are not living up to ripe old age. Many young people are living with health problems right from their twenties and forties. Hypertension and diabetes are no longer restricted to the elderly. Many people attribute the growing problems to the type of food being consumed and the type of drugs available in the market. This means that dietary problems are among the root causes of many illnesses. Pregnant women and children are the most vulnerable.

The high cost of imported drugs is also driving many to resort to herbal medicine. Sources of drugs and their cost should be carefully monitored and those who sell them encouraged to have the human heart not to import or sell fake drugs. Foroyaa will follow the food and drug market and share with the readers its findings.

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