What is responsible for the flooded junctions on the Westfield Churchill town stretch?



One cannot have long lasting primary road networks without proper waste management and drainage. Million have been spent on the drainage facility in the KMC, especially the West field and Churchill town road link.

Concrete secondary road facilities are linked to the main highway but all the junctions are flooded and people wade in the water up to knee level for those who are short and above the ankle for those who are tall to cross the junctions. The simple reason for this is the poor drainage facilities which cannot carry the water to its outlet into the wetlands with the necessary speed to avoid flooding.

Foroyaa will  lead our readers tomorrow to look at the type of dirt that lie on the highway as unprofessional and unethical methods are utilized to clean the drains during heavy down pour .Instead of spending money on trucks and mechanical shovels to clear the dirt after removal from the drains ,the highway is  transformed into illegal dumpsites and the rain is left to take all the soil again to clog the drains while rubbish is left to gather for days without removal. The  colour of the dirt and the stench that is smelt would confirm that the drains are being used as  waste disposal site  of all sorts. Moreover , lack of frequent unclogging is leading to the destruction of the drains making them unsuitable to serve their functions

The council, the environmental agency and Roads Authority should team up to clear the dirt and prevent recurrence. Contracts should be given to people who have the equipment and human resources to do them otherwise the drains are cleaned only to have the rubbish flowing into them again as the dirt is left for days without being removed.  Moreover, concrete slabs that cover the drains could either go missing as a result of theft or get destroyed due to poor handling.  The three institutions should have inspectorate system to accompany the cleansing exercise so that those who throw objects in the drains could be advised to desist from the practice.