What Is Psychological Warfare In Politics And How Is It Combatted?


Psychological warfare is a political weapon. It is usually overdone by the weak to create confusion within the ranks of opponents they deem to be strong. It is done by unremittingly repeating falsehood as truth so as to convince people to embrace it.

The way to combat psychological warfare is not to disseminate the falsehood or even discuss it. In that way, it evaporates into thin air as fabrications always do.

The mind of the sovereign Gambian ought to be liberated. The liberated mind will never be the devil’s play field. Only minds possessed by evil could spend seconds, minutes, hours and days conjuring evil designs that never comes to fruition.

The mind of a true sovereign Gambian and African must be devoted to thinking, inventing and planning to build the country, the continent and the world to be haven for liberty, dignity and prosperity for all.