Thursday, December 7, 2023



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Customers of banks are complaining of huge delays in accessing monies through bank transfers. Many suffer silently and just wait without knowing how to access what has been paid. Bank transfer documents would indicate that transfer has been done but bank officials would say that transfers have not been effected.

There is no independent authority to consult to know the source of the problem and the solution. Foroyaa would soon begin an investigation into this complex problem which is undermining the financial viability of many small and medium size enterprises.

Without a reliable and viable financial system monies can be trapped through bureaucratic means thus leaving many small and medium size enterprises to be financially trapped. This could lead to shortages in being able to purchase equipment and production materials as well as payment of staff. All those who are experiencing such problems should contact Foroyaa so that a data base would be created to determine the extent of the problem. This will highlight the urgency of finding a solution to such a problem.

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