Auditor General and Secretary PSC indicating that approval has been given for his retirement from the Civil Service with effect from December 2013 and that his personal file will be forwarded to the Head of Department for a computation of retirement benefits. The letter concluded by thanking him for invaluable service for many decades. Since December the concerned person has not been given any result of the computation of his benefits .There is no sign given to him that the authorities are ready to pay him. He is going up and down wasting resources without any progress. The Permanent Secretary, Personnel Management Office should convene a meeting and invite all those who have been granted retirement from the Civil Service and have not received their benefits and tell them something concrete. Some have become literal beggars depending on others for their survival. This needs urgent attention and national Assembly members should come to the aid of the pensioners by inviting them to lodge their complaints and raising their concerns in their debates. A Select Committee on Pensions is ideal to give special attention to pensioners. It should not take a month to pay all their dues. Any delay in the payment of their dues is insensitivity and gross injustice.  ]]>