Sunday, September 19, 2021

What Is Government Doing Regarding The Deportation Of Youths From Germany?


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According a refugee organisation in Germany called Gambia Refugee Association – Europe Branch of the 2500 Gambian refugees whose asylum applications have been rejected and are already identified for deportation, 15 Gambians will be deported every month until the whole group is returned. In fact news reports indicate that 15 deportees arrived in a flight from Germany this week. Emigration is a voluntary process. Gambians have a right under section 25 subsection (2) to move freely throughout the country and to leave The Gambia. No government could stop them.

The Gambia Refugee Association – Europe Branch has called for immediate action to put a halt to the implementation of the deportation. Government needs to intervene and ensure that returning to the country will not be based on false declaration.

At this critical juncture what is needed is to focus on the measures that would put an end to forced deportation and replace it with a voluntary return after being given opportunity to work for a number of years while learning skills to be able to return to implement projects aimed at making them productive.

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