Sunday, August 1, 2021

What Does The Ministry Of Trade Have To Offer The Following Video Club Owner ?


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“I am renting in Dippakunda and I have a Video Club where I used to get extra income to sustain my family. However, the Video Club has been closed by the officers , after the state of public emergency was declared by the President,”

Barrow said his Video Club was operating before the President’s declaration of the state of public emergency; that immediately after the first declaration officers went to his Video Club and closed it down . In the process one of his machines suffered damage.

Barrow said that for the past four years, he used to pay D4,000 as house rent but now that he is not working, he is not able to pay rent for the past two months.

He concluded that he has no other place to live and his landlord is getting impatient because of his inability to pay. He fears that the worse is yet to come.

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Foroyaa will reach out to the Ministry for an answer.

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