Sunday, December 5, 2021

What Does The Constitution Say About The Functions Of A Local Government?


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As the local government elections draw nearer it is important that the electorate be aware of how the Constitution would like local government authorities to function. Section 193 subsection (3) stipulates:

An Act of the National Assembly shall make provisionfor the functionspowers and duties of localgovernment authorities, including provision for

(a)      the infrastructure  and development of the areawithin the authority’s jurisdiction;

(b)    the encouragement  of commercial  enterprises;

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(c)      the participation  of the inhabitants  in thedevelopment  and administration of the area;

(d)    the essential and other services to be provided bythe authority;

(e)    the raising of local revenue;

(f)      the  managementcontrol  and  oversight  of  theauthority s  finances and the audit of its     accounts bythe Auditor-General;

(g)    the making of by-laws;

(h)    the preservation of the environment;

(i)     the promotion of Gambian traditions and culture;and

(j)     the control of financial and other resources allocated  by the Central Government.”

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