What Did Papa Njie Say To The Standard And What Is Halifa Sallah’s Reply?




PAPA NJIE, the leader of the PPP is reported to have said the following:

“If you remember, immediately after the coup they banned all political parties except PDOIS. We all knew the PPP was still very strong at the time and if Jammeh had not banned the party, it would have won the following elections. Not only that, they seized all our assets and took all our Ministers to a Commission of Enquiry and up to date, not a single document has been produced to say these people were found to be guilty of corruption …,” Njie Narrated.

Halifa Sallah told Foroyaa that a National leader must speak the truth without fear or favour, affection or ill will. “The leader of the PPP has honoured this principle with total disregard. PDOIS leaders are the only political figures in the country who were arrested and tried under Decree Number 4, the Political Activities (Suspension) Decree,1994 for defying the ban on political parties and political activities. How could this happen if PDOIS was not immediately banned after the coup?  The Political Activities (Suspension) Decree was promulgated precisely to suppress PDOIS and its political organ because of the refusal of its leaders to accept ministerial posts while insisting to continue ignoring the ban on political parties when all parties had surrendered, including the PPP leaders who even handed themselves over to the coup makers and remained silent until they saw PDOIS defying the coup makers before they could jump in the scene again. This is an incontrovertible fact of history. The facts will bring shame to those who try to distort them .To be honest, it is better for me to write to The Standard which published the story to quote the decrees as  prima facie evidence  to prove that Njie’s narration is utter fabrication of history. PDOIS has been silent for too long. It is now time for truth telling. I will write to The Standard and copy it to the media and will be ready to engage any PPP leader to a debate on the issue if any dares to. This is not the PPP era when there was only one Government radio station to listen to. It should now be recognised by all that deception is no longer possible. When you speak know that others will exercise their right to reply.


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