Wednesday, October 27, 2021

What Did Mr Omar Jallow Say About Mr Fafa Mba’i?


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Mr Fafa Mba’I approached the Editor of this paper to claim that what Foroyaa Published was not said by Mr Omar Jallow. The Editor spoke to the reporter who submitted the recording. This is a verbatim report of what was recorded:

On the 9th, in the morning, we heard a truck and a lot of noise and all former ministers were brought out of their cells. We were lined up at the door and we saw Sanna Sabally, Sadibou Hydara and Fafa Mba’I who was the then Minister of Justice coming with a lot of soldiers and then when he arrived, he said he has information that all of you should have been executed, you are corrupt and you have done so much bad deeds to Gambians but the Council, they are humane and it is going to set an example on one person, that is Omar Jallow. He is going to be executed on Friday by a firing squad and then he said all the other ministers should be released and they started calling the names of the ministers and they called and they all left.”

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