Thursday, June 24, 2021

What Are The Burning Issues This Week?


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Three issues could be found in the front pages of the print media and as headline stories in the electronic media of the country.

Number one there is insinuation that President Barrow aims to finish five years and contest elections after the five years. It is attributed to the NRP leader that he concurs with this notion after reportedly being quoted as saying that Barrow could even be the presidential candidate of the NRP in the next presidential election. Many comments appear to be indicating that many do not believe that Barrow will not be an NRP candidate or that the views expressed by the NRP leader is a nice way of conceding that Barrow will be a presidential candidate in the next presidential election. Foroyaa will further seek clarification from the NRP leader and NRP leadership.

The second issue is the absence of any news of a breakthrough at the coalition talks convened by former vice president Fatoumata Tambajang. While it is assumed that the talks will build consensus on the debate on the number of years Barrow is to serve as president, he is holding rallies indicating that he may even stand unopposed in the next presidential election.

The third issue is the debate on whether the TRRC is calming nerves to promote the spirit of reconciliation or is exciting new fears of retribution. Many people are of the opinion that voluntary confession should not be done under threat or duress. The witnesses also should not be induced to make confession. They should have the moral obligation to want to confess as a sign of repentance not as a desire to be free from retribution. The end result is the healing of the victim and perpetrator of the atrocity. This is inconceivable without voluntary confession. This requires an environment based on the fact that no one means any harm and that all are interested in the truth and nothing but the truth to heal the nation. It is hoped that the members of the TRRC are fully conscious of the terms of reference as assigned by the National Assembly as proposed by the executive.

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Gambia changed peacefully and Barrow’s transitional government should consolidate that peace instead of going back to square one.

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