Westfield Murder Suspect Requests More Time to Get Lawyer


By Kemeseng Sanneh (Kexx)

The trial of Arona Tine was delayed after he asked the court to give him more time to get a lawyer to represent him in the murder trial. Tine is standing trial for allegedly killing Fatoumata Kargbo, a staff of HM Bureau de Change in Westfield, Kanifing Municipality. The case came on Tuesday for Tine to take his plea regarding the charge the prosecution pressed against him. He could not take his plea because he did not have a lawyer. 

Tine allegedly killed Fatoumata Kargbo on or about the 19th of January 2024 at Westfield in the Kanifing Municipality by stabbing her with a knife.

He was first arraigned before a magistrate’s court, but the case was transferred to the high court for the magistrate’s lack of powers to try the case. The case suffered a little delay before the State finally filed an indictment against Tine. 

The State filed an indictment against Tine on the 13th of March 2024. He is asking for a week to get a lawyer to represent him. The prosecution intends to call 11 witnesses in the case and also intends to tender ten (10) exhibits including the post-mortem report, death certificate, a knife, Money, CCTV footage, cloth stands and kettle.

Justice Ebrima Jaiteh informed Tine that he was charged with murder, which is a capital offence and requires him to get a lawyer to represent him. Tine informed the court that he has commenced talking to a lawyer and within a week he will get the service of the lawyer. Justice Jaiteh told him if he cannot get a lawyer he will pass an order for the State to provide him with a lawyer through the National Agency for Legal Aid (NALA) to represent him.

 Tine was served with the indictment in court. The case was adjourned to the 26th of March 2024 at 11 am for plea taking.