Saturday, December 4, 2021

Wellingara Market Garbage Increasing Daily -Say Market Vendors


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By Fatoumatta K. Jallow

Market vendors at the Wellingara market are renewing their call for the Brikama Area Council (BAC) to help clear the garbage WELLINGARA WASTE DUMP EXPANDINGdump at the said market as the waste is increasing by the day.

When this reporter visited the site on Monday the vendors told her that the rubbish is affecting them seriously and they have been complaining about it but to no avail. “Some of us talk to the BAC but still now they have not come to our aid and this is affecting us financially and healthwise. The bad odour we inhale every day is too much,” they lamented. This, they continued can even kill them. “Please we are pleading to BAC to come and collect the wastes so that we can have at least peace of mind,” they pleaded.

The care taker of the primary school said the size of the dump is increasing every day and since the BAC came before the school re-opened, they never returned. He said BAC promised to put a gate at the junction so that the community will not dump around the school premises but nothing has been done so far. He complained that children are still using that way to and from school because for some of them that is the shortest way to the school. He also pleads with BAC to help them collect the waste. Attempts to speak to the BAC public relation officer has been unsuccessful but further efforts will be made.

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