Weather Office forecasts ‘normal’ rainfall this year


The weather office has predicted ‘normal’ rainfall this coming rainy season over large areas of the country.

According to a statement issued by this office, “For the coming July-August-September period, considerable variations in the amount of rainfall in the various places over the country are expected, as shown on the map below. Annual rainfall amount is predicted very likely to be normal to likely below normal in the country. Most places in the country are however predicted to experience normal annual rainfall with the highest amount above 700mm expected in the western sector of the country.

However, the statement notes that the 2021 rainfall season is expected to undergo more variability than the 2020 season with events such as early to normal onset, late withdrawal of rains and long and medium dry spells.

Rainfall is predicted to commence between 9th and 18th June. A longer than normal length of season is predicted for most parts of the country. It is expected to be in the range of 110-130 days.