Friday, July 30, 2021

We are at a loss: Partisan Agitation by Commissioner Lang Kinteh at TRRC?


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A tribunal is required by the Constitution to be independent and impartial. It is designed to gather evidence in order to draw conclusion that would stand the test of fair hearing.

It is extremely surprising that Commissioner Lang Kinteh would say that it was a weakness for the UDP not exerting enough pressure on the Jammeh administration and give the impression that UDP and GDC are the types of parties that should act like governments in waiting and should have put pressure on the Jammeh administration not to continue with the abuses perpetrated.

Should such words come from a Commissioner of the TRRC? What is he leaving in the minds of the people by making such statements? Where were the party members of Mr Darboe when he was incarcerated? Where were the party members of Femi Peters when he incarcerated? How is the strength of a political party measure? Are not such comments that drove the Solo Sandengs into the street only to discover that votes are not translated into support for mass action?

Are the Commissioners governed by common principles based on their statutory mandate? We will continue to follow the testimonies and the comments of the Commissioners and draw lessons that would be appropriate. We hope that members of the Commission will think.

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