Tuesday, January 31, 2023

“We Always Promote Gambian Music’’ Says Star FM MD


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Sara Camarawho touched on many issues relating to the promotion and development of Gambian music. Foroyaa: Please introduce yourself to our readers? Sara Camara: My name is Sara Camara. I was born in Serekunda and a Gambian by nationality. I am a journalist by profession and serves as the Manager of Star FM. I am also a sports journalist. Foroyaa: Tell us your educational and professional backgrounds? Sara Camara: I attended Muslim Senior Secondary School and graduated in 2001. I later proceeded to study journalism and obtained a Certificate in Media Broadcasting and Diploma in Human Resource Development. I’m currently pursuing an Advance Diploma in Human Resource Development at Insight Training Institute. Foroyaa: When did you start working with the electronic media. Sara Camara: I started working with Sud FM as a radio trainee in 2000. I proceeded to Radio One FM from 2002 to 2004 and later worked at KWT Radio in 2005 up to 2010 and then Vibes FM in 2010 to 2012. Presently, I am the Managing Director of Star FM. Foroyaa: What inspired you in this profession? Sara Camara: I was inspired into the profession by the veteran broadcasters such as Mr. Peter Gomez of West Coast Radio, Bora Mboge and AssanJallow of GRTS as well as Robin White of the BBC. Foroyaa: What can you tell us about Star FM? Sara Camara: Star FM is a commercial radio that entertains, educates and informs the general public on various programs. Foroyaa: What are some of the programs the radio presents to its listeners? Sara Camara: We specialise on certain programs such as news, sports, music, entertainment, talk shows, among others. Foroyaa: What is your response to claim by Gambian artistes that the dj’s and radio stations promote more foreign music than Gambian? Sara Camara: I don’t know of other radio stations, but my radio station, Star FM always plays, support and promotes Gambian talents. We see have seen any reason for not supporting our own home produced talents and music. Foroyaa: How many programs do you have on air that promotes Gambian music? Sara Camara: We have four shows that promote exclusive Gambian Music at different times during the week. We also play their music during our interval breaks as well as conduct free promotional interviews, etc. Foroyaa: How do you see the Gambian music landscape? Sara Camara: Huh, the Gambian music landscape is better than before as things are changing for the better. There is development. My principle advise to artistes is for them to promote their culture and sing educative songs, maintain professionalism and contribute to national development.     Foroyaa: Do you collaborate with other local radio stations in the country? Sara Camara: Oh yes, we are collaborating and sharing with one another. The electronic media operates under one umbrella. Foroyaa: What advise do you have with your sister radio stations in terms of promoting Gambian music? Sara Camara: We need to work collectively towards supporting the young talents. There are different ways to support them but it is duty to promote our young talents. I would also urge the promoters, event organisers and dj’s to do the same. Foroyaa: What are your last words? Sara Camara: I thank you very much for the interview. This radio MD can be reach through the following contacts: 9811250, 3771250/email [email protected]  ]]>

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