Wednesday, June 29, 2022

WBU Africa Boss: Split in Boxing Association Will Affect Gambian Boxers


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By Yankuba Jallow

The on-going row rocking the Gambia boxing fraternity leading to the split of the Amateur Boxing Association will hinder Gambia boxers, says Africa World Boxing Union boss Michael Bahsoon.

The Boxing union of the Gambia is a divided entity leading to the creation of two separate presidents with both claiming legitimacy.

Sambou Conteh and Pa Alieu Jallow are vying for the hot-seat.

A section of delegates last year elected Conteh unopposed to replace incumbent Pa Alieu Jallow who has backing of the National Sports Council.

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The situation led to a stand-off – an issue still to be solved.

And Africa World Boxing Union president Michael Bahsoon believes the factions will only hamper the sport’s progress with Gambian boxers the most affected.

‘I think there is too much politics in the (Gambia Amateur Boxing) Association. I think they (the two bodies) should think about what is good for the boxers and not what is good for the Presidents.

I think they should consider sacking both Presidents and starting all over again. I think it is not good for boxing where they are fighting each other,’ Bahsoon also doubling as head of Alpha Male Entertainment, tells Foroyaa Sport.

He continued: ‘When you speak to some of the boxers, they will say they have no faith in the organisation anyway because there is not much happening. We are just getting on our business and doing what we have to do. It is different from what we do as I said earlier they are amateur and we are professional. It is not good for boxing and morale, it is not good because if the persons who are supposed to be running boxing are split from the heads, even the boxers you can see that there is no unity. Where you have something where there is no unity it is always hard for them to progress forward.’
Read full text of the interview verbatim in our tomorrow’s edition.

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