This makes the environment continuously filthy and unhealthy, giving rise to health risks, especially during the rains when rain water washes away rubbish along the road. Children easily develop infections and other illnesses. The air we breathe is unpleasant, an indication that it is unhealthy. This is particularly true in areas where the ground is wet. Needless to say, according to the Local Government Act, “A Council shall have power to levy rates and such taxes as the National Assembly shall prescribe, to meet all liabilities, whether of a general or special nature.” In short, the Council is supposed to collect rates and taxes and utilize that money to deliver services to communities under its jurisdiction, such as the collection of rubbish. It is quite evident to all that the Council is not meeting its obligation of regularly collecting rubbish for disposal. The consequence is that those who can afford it pay for the services of private collectors while a greater number who cannot afford it find somewhere to sneak and dump their rubbish. Foroyaa will get it touch with the councils to find out why they do not have a good fleet of transport to effectively and efficiently collect wastes.]]>