Volleyball Federation urged standard calendar


By Sulayman Bah

Gambia international Abbie KS Barrow has suggested for the country’s volleyball federation to consider going Abbie KS Barrowstandard with their sports calendar to ease off pressure on volleyball players.

Barrow, based in Finland and plying her trade with second tier side Helnsingin Kiri-60, said sticking with a standard calendar could provide much-needed off-season to players.

The 1.83m middle-attacker said: ‘for me my biggest challenge against the Federation is for them to get a standard calendar. The calendar should be respected and this will help the players because as you can see there is no off season for the players, as we are completing this league we are preparing for the beach volleyball and other international engagements.’

‘’when there are international tournament and few players are selected that should not stop our ongoing league. In other sports when few players are opportune to be part of national team selection, they train with the national team and the rest continue with the national league. So I think is very wrong if players are selected for national side the rest sit and wait for them whiles they are away enjoying national duty, that is unfair and unprofessional,’ she continues.

Abbie meanwhile extolled the federation for their efforts in players being paid their allowances on time.