Village Foundation Supports GTTI With Learning Equipment


By Louise Jobe  

The Maadu Leigh Village Foundation has on Tuesday, 23 November donated laptops and desktops from (JTM) Construction Company worth three hundred thousand dalasi, to the Gambia Technical Training Institute (GTTI). 

Speaking at the presentation, Gibriel Leigh, founder of the foundation, highlighted some of their efforts in securing the donated laptops and desktops to GTTI. 

He said the equipment will help boost information technology learning and infrastructure at the GTTI.  

“We all know that the use of computer technology now dominates the world in education development,” he said. 

Leigh harped on some of the assessments of the foundation’s projects and ongoing achievements, challenges and the way forward. 

According to him, they have conducted assessments on women gardens at Sinchu Njugari, Misera Mbaye Sowe, Bantankoto Njama and Jakoto in the Niamina Dankunku District in the Central River Region (CRR).  

“The objective of the assessment was geared towards exposing the efforts of farmers in these schemes on best vegetable production and productivity. Most of the observations include several local hand dug wells and unreliable seed source with inferior qualities. The challenges include serious water shortage in the gardens due to snap local wells, animal intrusion due to bad fencing and low knowledge or skills on good agronomic practices and bad lay outing,’’ he said; indicating that these are some important findings that helped the foundation create capacity building training and provision of boreholes for these communities.

The Director of GTTI, Edward Mansal, thanked JTM Construction Company and Maadu Leigh Village Foundation for their kind gesture and timely support to the institution. 

“GTTI is the highest technical training institution which trains young Gambians in knowledge and skills in various technical subject areas. These young ones will later become architects of their own future and meaningfully contribute to national development,” he remarked.