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By Fatoumatta K Jallow

This reporter on Tuesday, 18 October, 2016, conducted a vox pop to get the views of the people in the forthcoming December 1st elections.

Momodou Jallow, a shop keeper said this year’s election will be interesting because of the coalition. He said for the first time in the history of The Gambia the Gambian people are ready for change. According to him, the coalition proposed by the Gambia opposition leaders is good which shows that there is hope for the Gambian people. He explained that what Gambians want the most is freedom of speech and expression.

One Musa Manneh, a tailor said he is not sure whether the opposition will make it because there is little time left. He said he is happy that the opposition leaders have decided to come together and he expressed hope that they will win and change the government so that people can have freedom of speech and expression and for the Gambian people to have a better future.

Isatou Sanneh, a house wife described this year’s election as hopeful because they are hoping for change this year. She also described the coalition by opposition leaders as a step in the right direction and expressed hope that it will go through. She said for the first time, she is full of hope for the Gambian people. She explained that her three boys are on the “back way” journey, noting that if they were having jobs they will not be suffering at the moment. “Every day I pray for the safety of my children. What I want most for The Gambia is job opportunities and the safety of our young children taking the back way,” she said.

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According to Mariama Jallow, a woman fisher said this year’s election will be very interesting especially now that the opposition leaders have decided to come together to make the Gambia a better place and hopes the opposition leader will win. She said “I want human rights to prevail in The Gambia and freedom of expression.”

Also speaking, an old man Alhagie Sanneh who is in his 90s said for the first time he has seen Gambians yearning for change and there is a hope for them. “I am very delighted that the opposition leaders have come together to make Gambia a better place, because The Gambia is one people,” he said. According to him, the fate of the Gambia depends on the opposition leaders this year, stating that they should set their differences for the good of The Gambia.

He said Gambia needs good governance and the right to expression which are key in their lives.

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