Victims of Mass Demolition Express Concerns over Economic Hardships


By Abdoulie Fatty

Victims of the Gambia Police Force (GPF) demolition exercise have expressed concerns over their economic hardships as they continue on their mass demolition exercises within the Greater Banjul Area.

The exercise focuses on businesses and other structures along the roadsides.

The police on Tuesday, 13 November issued notices to the shops and canteens in the Brikama Car Park in Brikama town to vacate or else risk facing the demolition team when next they come. Also, shops along major streets in Brikama have been notified to vacate or else their properties will be vandalised.

This reporter, who was with the team, observed that the shop owners and other people affected were speechless. Some were shedding tears while others cried loudly. Some people were seen folding their hands sitting and wondering what would happen to their businesses.

The people were heard complaining about the time given for them to vacate. The notice is for hours.

The affected shops included the shops from the Gunjur Junction in Brikama to Nana Junction. The shops in the vicinity included large textile shops.

The announcement left so many people devastated that they could not speak to the media following the police demolition exercise.

Passers-by and affected vendors watched as canteens were destroyed

A woman, believed to be above 60 years, was heard saying, she has been in the market for many years. However, she said she has now been rendered jobless.

“I have to go back to Kiang. I cannot stay here in Brikama anymore. It is heartbreak for me because I never expected that we would be sent away from where we find a living,” she said.

Foroyaa will do comprehensive reports on the impact of the demolition on the lives of the people and also engage the Councils on some pertinent questions.