Victim Testifies in Robbery & Stealing Case against 4


By Kemeseng Sanneh (Kexx)

Retired civil servant, Abdoulie A. Danso, testified in the robbery and stealing case involving four (4) Nigerian nationals.

The four accused persons, according to the prosecution’s indictment, would monitor people entering banks or forex bureaus. After monitoring them, they would call and inform their colleagues by describing them. Their colleagues would then follow them and steal from them.

First prosecution witness, Abdoulie A. Danso, said he is a resident of Brusubi. He explained that on 30 December 2023 he went to Trust Bank to cash out a Fifty Thousand Dalasi (D50,000) cheque. After completing the transaction, he drove back to his home using his car with registration number Bjl 7078D.

Danso testified that upon reaching his residence, he parked his car and went inside to retrieve a proforma invoice for house materials while leaving the money in the vehicle. Upon returning to the car, he discovered that the vehicle’s trunk was open, and the money, along with his wallet containing his GRA card, ATM card, business card, and other former employee cards, were missing. This led him to inspect the car doors, which appeared to have been tampered with, rendering them faulty and unable to be opened.

The witness testified that upon noticing that his money was stolen, he reported the matter to the Kolilo police station, where the incident was recorded in the police diary, and he was provided with a case reference number.

The witness identified one of the accused persons, Paul Ozima Iwu, whom he said he had seen at the police station.

At this juncture, the prosecution requested adjournment of the case citing that the time allocated for the case was exhausted. The case adjourned to 20 February 2024 at 14:30 for the continuation of the testimony by Prosecution Witness One (PW1).