Tuesday, June 15, 2021

UTG Student Seeks Financial Assistance


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By: Kebba AF Touray

Baboucarr SO John, a University Student is seeking financial assistance to pay for his fees in order for him to realize his academic aspirations.

John, who is gearing up for the second semester at the nation’s apex learning institute, said his hopes and aspirations are currently in limbo.

Following his successful completion of both Junior and Senior Secondary Schools, John succeeded in getting admission to the country’s only institution of higher learning. However with his present financial status, John said his educational pursuit may be jeopardized.

John, who made this disclosure yesterday in an interview with this reporter, strongly believes that bringing his plight to the attention of individuals, institutions, NGOs and Government, will bring a Good Samaritan to his aid.

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“I have completed my first semester at the University of The Gambia. Although, I was able to pay the sum of D8,000 out of a total yearly payment of D37, 000 for my first semester, I am gearing up for my second semester, but lack of finance is hindering my learning crusade,” he said; that he is struggling from pillar to post by engaging institutions such as the Education Ministry, to secure funding to foot his education to no avail so far,” he concludes.

For any assistance from any Good Samaritan to Baboucarr SO John, he can be reached on 3524053, 7507599 or on email: [email protected]

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