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Update on Prices of Basic Food Commodities


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By Fatoumata K. Jallow

This reporter, on Friday, 13 May, 2016, visited the Serrekunda and Latrikunda Sabiji markets respectively to find out the prices of A shop selling food commoditiesbasic food commodities.

The prices in Serrekunda market are as follows:

Commodity                           Price

American rice                                                D900

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American rice per cup                                   D6

Sadam rice                                                     D1250

Sadam rice per cup                                        D8

20litres oil                                                      D800

10litres oil                                                     D450

5litres                                                             D250

Bag of potato                                                       D500

Kilo of potato                                                       D35

Bag of onion                                                                  D400

kilo of onion                                                        D30

Bag of flour                                                         D1300

Bag of Sugar                                                        D1050

Cup of sugar                                                        D8

Meat and bone (kilo)                                             D200

Meat steak (kilo)                                                   D250

Jumbo (pack)                                                        D100

Jumbo 1 for D2 & 3 for D5

Tomato paste tin                                                   D125

 The prices for Larikunda Sabiji Market are as follows.

Commodity                                           Price

American rice                                                   D950

American rice per cup                                      D6

Sadam rice                                                       D1250

Sadam per cup                                                 D8

20litres oil                                                         D850

10litres oil                                                         D500

5litres oil                                                           D275

Bag of potato                                                    D500

Potato per                                                         D35

Bag of onion                                                      D400

Onion per kilo                                                    D30

Bag of flour                                                        D1350

Bag of sugar                                                      D1100

Sugar per cup                                                    D8

Meat and bones                                                 D200

Meat steak                                                         D225

Jumbo (pack)                                                     D100

Jumbo 1 for D2 & 3 for D5

Tomato paste tin                                                 D115

Speaking to one Amie Njie, a customer, she said prices in the market are better at the moment but expressed hope that the prices would not be increased as the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan is fast approaching.

Binta Barry, a vendor, told this reporter that prices in the markets are better at the moment and also reiterated that they would not hike.

“Rather they make our lives difficult especially we the poor who cannot afford to buy a bag of rice or even onion,” she lamented.


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