Monday, May 23, 2022

Update On Kemeseng Sanneh


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Foroyaa will continue to monitor the development of this story. Many lessons are to be drawn at the right time for the benefit of all those involved in the matter and the nation at large. Gambia is a country in a state of change politically, economically, socially, culturally and behaviourally. What is right or wrong in terms of belief is yet to be established. If one does not have one’s head on one’s shoulders, one will become a very confused person not knowing what values to embrace and what way of life to adopt. The youth of the country are at the mercy of circumstances

They need to be protected and guided towards an enlightened and meaningful destiny no matter the weaknesses they display or the challenges they face to be a better person one aspires to be.

There are times in the life of a human being that matters occur that would allow a person to rethink his/her associates in order to take a step forward. Adversity does not always spell doom. It can serve as the mother of regeneration.

One could reflect on the life of Malcolm X in his youthful days when he suffered jail sentence for mundane reasons. Eventually he overturned his adversity despite his difficulty and became a revered human being. A wrong or right life style is not necessarily permanent if one is willing to listen to wise counsel. The arms of the law aim to gather evidence to bring a person to justice.

Once that is done, the life of the person must hinge on the scales of proof beyond doubt which provides the balance of mercy and justice. A society which negates justice and mercy is doomed; one that promotes justice but negates mercy is imbalance; and one that promotes both justice and mercy rehabilitate people.

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Let us work to build such a society; then every development will be put in the right perspective and will harm no one.

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