Unable To Walk For Four Years: Patient Solicits Urgent Support for Overseas Treatment


By Ndey Sowe

Thirty-three-year-old man, Ebrima Hydara, is seeking urgent assistance to undergo overseas treatment as he lives for four years unable to walk.

A medical report obtained from Africmed International Hospital said the aforesaid patient lodged complaints of being unable to walk for four (4) year to the clinic on 25th August, 2020.

According to the medical report, his symptom is said to have started insidiously. It initially started as weakness on the left lower limb which gradually progressed to the right lower limb. The upper limbs were spared.

The patient said he has been to some hospitals over the years but he was never diagnosed.

The medical report further stated that the patient was in a wheelchair but not ill-looking. He was also said to be conscious and alert by the time he visited the aforesaid clinic.

He might benefit from the drug “RILUZOLE” which is not available in The Gambia.

Therefore the clinic has recommended him to undergo overseas treatment to continue physiotherapy.

The patient therefore appealed for assistance from the government.  

For assistance, please contact the following numbers; 3755596 and 7788340.