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UN HR Commissioner ‘deplores’ death in custody


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A statement issued by Cécile Pouilly, spokesperson of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on 23 August 2016, has Cécile Pouilly‘deplored’ the death in custody of Ebrima Solo Krummah and called on the authorities to investigate the death in custody of both Sandeng and Krummah.

The following is the full text of the statement:

(Geneva, 23 August 2016) – We deplore the reported death in custody of Ebrima Solo Kurumah, a member of the opposition United Democratic Party (UDP), last Saturday.

According to information we have received, Mr. Kurumah passed away after he was taken to hospital for a surgical operation. He had allegedly been denied medical help on several occasions while in detention.

Mr. Kurumah was among the 30 members of the main opposition party sentenced to three years’ imprisonment last July, following their participation in peaceful demonstrations to call for electoral reform and to protest against the death in State custody of the Chairman of the UDP youth wing, Solo Sandeng.

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Other detainees have also reportedly been denied medical care in recent months.

We urge the authorities to investigate the death in State custody of Mr. Sandeng and Mr. Kuruma as well as allegations that detainees are denied access to medical care.


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