The world has shown major divisions reminiscent of the conflict between the Soviet Union and the US backed by its allies. Apparently, the war in Ukraine is leading to different allies taking different positions. This became manifested in Switzerland. The conference was referred to as Ukraine Peace Summit.

One would have thought that negotiation between Russia and Ukraine would have been part of the summit. Instead Russia was excluded and a communiqué was signed by many countries calling on Russia to respect Ukraine’s sovereignty. How this is to be implemented is the major concern.

The deaths and destruction in Ukraine are a daily menace. The future generation is staying with its own blood to preserve the country. What is needed is negotiation for immediate ceasefire in preparation for political settlement. This could only be done diplomatically.

Drone technology and nuclear armament have made war to be unwinnable in the 21st century. All that can be achieved is massive death and destruction of property. War is irrational and an end to the war is urgent.