UDP Treasurer’s Appeal Suffers Setback


By Rohey Jadama The criminal appeal case of Amadou Sanneh, the National Treasurer of the United Democratic Party (UDP), Amadou Sannehyesterday, 25th June 2015 at the Gambia Court of Appeal failed to proceed. The prosecution were directed to re-file their brief again. Mr. Sanneh appeared before a panel of three judges headed by the Court of Appeal president, Justice Edirissa Fafa Mbai , and Justices Naceesay Sallah-Wadda and Awa Bah. Justice Mbai told the Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions (DDPP) M.B Abubacarr that the brief they were served is dated 15th June 2015 , instead of 24th June and Lawyer Ousainou Darboe counsel for the appellant has associated himself with the position of the court.  Responding to the court, the DDPP told the court that they had filed the brief on the 24th and that the problem emanated from the Registry. The case was stood down and the prosecution was told to go and re-file and come back. However, when the case resumed Justice Sallah-Wadda told the prosecution that the brief is dated 24th instead of 25th of June. Responding to the court, the prosecution said they thought that only the date was to be changed. “This is a criminal matter and as such we have to be clear about everything that we do. You were told to re-file today so it should be dated today”, said justice Sallah-Wadda. Lawyer Darboe craved the indulgence of the court so that the state can go and re-file again and the matter to be adjourned till in the afternoon. However the application of Barrister Darboe was not granted and the matter was adjourned till Monday 29th June, 2015. Mr. Sanneh first appeared at the court of Appeal on the 12th   January 2015 and the case was subsequently adjourned to 16th February 2015 for adoption of briefs. Since that date to now the appeal had suffered numerous setbacks.  ]]>