Sailu Bah The United Democratic Party has ended its ten day nationwide tour yesterday, UDP ENDS COUNTRYWIDE TOURSunday, 26 April 2015 with supporters escorting the party leader to his residence on Kairaba Avenue. Speaking to this reporter immediately after their arrival on whether they have encountered any hitches apart from the initial one they had at the start of their tour, Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, UDP Secretary General and party leader, said they have gone to all the places they have scheduled to have meetings around the country and have returned without any incident. On what political messages they have been conveying to the people during the tour, Mr. Darboe said they were telling the people to “Get rid of the regime so that we can build a better economy; have better social services and fight against poverty.” On whether the issue of electoral reform was raised and if so how does his party intend to go about it in conjunction with other political parties, particularly in the opposition, the UDP leader said “No, because this is something I have to discuss with the other political parties.” He added that at this point, he will not expose what they discussed to the public. Mr. Darboe said the incident they had with the security forces had boosted their spirit or morale as a party. He said the tour was sponsored by their supporters in the diaspora.]]>