U.S Professor Dr. Mel Cohen Visits Gambian Students Says “Africans needs to have a single voice”


By Muhammad Professor Dr. Mel Cohen of Miami University in the United States has visited the country and met with Gambian university students. The meeting was held at the Paradise Suites Hotel on Saturday 23 May, 2015 where he held talks with a number of Gambian students. This meeting came as a result of an earlier Skype conference he organized between Gambian students of different institutions of Higher learning and Miami Students in March this year. He told participants who are students that his aim is to build sustainable student relationships on all areas between Miami University Students and Gambian Students. He told this reporter that he started bringing a group of medical students from Miami University in the Gambia. He said he undertook the first visit as he taught students who registered for that course ‘ the Gambia public health system’ which is still ongoing and hopes that it will continue. During his interaction with students at the Hotel he discuss a lot concerning strengthen this important relations and plan to move it to a next level different from hold Skype conference only. Among his wider discussions he highlighted some important issues. He told participants whom he believes are the young future leaders of Africa that Africa needs to have a single voice if they want to be heard in the international community and called it the African voice. He stated that if individual countries continue to have their voices the big ones like the United States and the European Union wouldn’t listen to them. He commended the Gambian medical practitioners for he said he had seen them working. This he said needs commendation as a third world country they trying a lot and based on experience they just good.  ]]>