Two Final Year Female Students at Gambia College Seek Financial Assistance to Pay Tuition Fees


By Nelson Manneh

Two final year female students of the Gambia College are seeking financial assistance in order to pay for their tuition fees at the aforesaid College.

Both were enrolled at the Gambia College in 2019 under the School of Agriculture, pursuing the Higher Diploma in Agriculture and both are also in their final semester, and about to sit to their comprehensive examination.

Neneh Mendy, one of the students, said the management of the Gambia College has started sending students out of Class whilst lessons are ongoing. Ms Mendy said she was supposed to pay twenty-four thousand dalasi for the whole two-year-program but paid just one third of the amount.  

Ramatoulie Manneh, her partner, said she has no support at home and therefore if conditions remain the same, she will end up abandoning her academic journey. Ms Manneh said she should also pay twenty-four thousand dalasi and has paid only one third of the amount.

 “The management of the college said I will not sit for my final examination at the College if I do not complete payment of my tuition fees,” she said.

Both Mss Mendy and Manneh said they have been moving from one office to the other seeking assistance from individuals and institutions for two weeks now, to no avail.

Any Good Samaritan who wants to assist Mss Neneh and Ramatoulie, can reach them on the following numbers: 7287956 or 7803527. The management of the College has also given these students the School’s Bank Account where they can deposit their tuition fees, in the event they secure assistance. The account number which is at ECO-BANK is: 0070134904111201