People are still wondering why a couple, who claim to be pious Muslims, and who recite a verse five times a day when they carry out their prayers reminding all who profess to be Muslims that the god which each Muslims worship has mercy for all creatures on the face of the earth, could engage in a killing spree. How then could a true person of faith callously perpetrate such heinous murder of innocent neighbours and workmates and deprive their children of fathers and mothers for good and leave them as orphans.

What is also amazing is that Syed Raheel Farook and his wife left a baby behind instead of following the commandment of being the child’s keeper. How could such people be called Jihadists in promotion of Islam? How could they be called Islamists or Muslim fundamentalists for abandoning their child when parents are needed most?

There were victims of Eritrean, Iranian and Vietnamese origin who went to the US to seek refuge.

Those who commit suicide to kill innocent people in the name of religion are not warriors. A person who is vanquished cannot be of any use to a faith. It is ridiculous to say that ISIS is fighting a war on many fronts.

Just as it was one time a fashion for leftist to highjack planes to go to Cuba, it is also a fashion for few young people to be motivated to commit suicide or perpetrate murder in the name of Islam.

The world should name them after those who inspired them. For example, if they are inspired by Bagdadi, they should be called Bagdadists and not jihadists, Islamists of Muslim Fundamentalists. They should be called for what they are, puppets or tools of a few.

Society should then begin to engage those who are vulnerable to such false notions of killing with the hope of finding a home in heaven. Those who kill to go to heaven are actually engaged in human sacrifice which is diametrically opposed to the teachings of the faith they profess to belong to.