TRRC Witness Criticizes Alleged Chief Torturer


By Nelson Manneh

Abdou Anabi Jammeh on Wednesday, 24th June 2020 testified that ex-Commissioner of Operation at Mile 2, Ebrima Jammeh alias Chief Torturer was a bad person.

“Ebrima Jammeh was called Chief torturer because he was a bad person,” he said.

Abdou Anabi Jammeh was born on the 10th April 1974 in Kanilai village, Foni Kansala District. He joined the prison service in 1998 . After completing his training, he was deployed to Mile 2 where he spent two weeks before he was moved to their training school. Two and half years later, he was moved back to Mile 2.

The witness said he was promoted to the rank of a Principal Officer (PO) in 2012. He testified that ex-DG David Colley demoted him after his detention.

Mile 2 Food

“What I know about the food at the prison was that the food there is not good. I came to realise that the food cooked for the prison was bad when I was detained,” the witness said.

Anabi Jammeh said he did not witness the stealing of foodstuff at Mile 2. He testified that he witnessed incidents in which inmates were tortured.

He testified that he witnessed the torture of eight inmates behind David Colley’s Office by Ebrima Jammeh (Chief Torturer), Adama Badjie, Laman Jabang, Lamin Fadera and Sanna Kujabie and other recruits behind David’s Office. Yaya .P. Jarju who was the Deputy Director-General was present when the torture was being carried out by the torturers. The witness alleged that at the time the inmates were being tortured, David was standing at his window watching them beat the inmates. He said Ebrima Jammeh was the first to beat the inmates and the others joined in. He added that while they were beating the inmates, David was communicating to them.

He said the inmates were beaten because they were found with a mobile phone. He said at the time the inmates were being tortured, he was sitting at David’s Office waiting for them because he was accused of smuggling a mobile to the inmates.

He told the TRRC that David trusted Ebrima Jammeh so much so that he used to consult Ebrima Jammeh on some of the things he used to do.

“The inmates were beaten before they were asked questions. They sustained injuries,” the witness said.

The witness said he was mentioned by one of the inmates by the name Lamin Jah who was beaten three times and that was how he mentioned him.

“Deric Bright, Omar Jallow, Stanly a Nigerian Citizen, Modou Sonko, Makodou, Soriba Condeh were all beaten,” he alleged.

He said he went back to Mile 2 and while sitting, he saw a delegation going to the Security Wing at Mile 2.

The witness said one Thomas Jarju came to him, called his name and told him that order came from David Colley that he (Anabi Jammeh) should be detained. He added that he was detained at Block One of the Security Wing.

The witness said he was detained at the security wing for nine months and was later taken to the NIA headquarters several times, but anytime he goes there, the NIA officials would tell him to go back because he has not done anything.

He said he was detained for nine months before he was released.