TRRC Recommends Repatriation of Exiled ‘Ndigal’ Followers


By Mamadou Dem

The Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC) after thorough investigations into the attack on ‘Religious Freedoms’ during the Jammeh regime, recommended for members of the ‘Ndigal’ sect living in exile in the Republic of Senegal, to return to Kerr Mot Hali in the Central River Region (CRR).

In this edition, Foroyaa continues with the serialisation of the Commission’s findings, recommendations and position of the Government as stated in the ‘White Paper.’

‘‘(1)       The members of the Ndigal Sect still living in exile in Senegal should be returned to live in Kerr Mot Ali (Gambia) and their properties returned to them. The government should enforce the judgement obtained by members of the Sect in the High Court of The Gambia.

1.          The Government notes the recommendation of the TRRC with regards to the enforcement of the Judgement of The High Court of The Gambia obtained by members of the sect. While reiterating its respect for judicial pronouncements the Government notes that prior reconciliation and social cohesion activities are essential as a precursor to the comprehensive implementation of the Judgment.

(2)        The Government should establish a Peace Committee for Kerr Mot Ali comprising of all relevant stakeholders including the National Human Rights Commission whose mandate would be to negotiate the resettlement of the exiled residents and restoration of peace and religious co-existence in Kerr Mot Ali with all the relevant stakeholders and National Human Rights Commission.

2.          The Government accepts the recommendation of the commission and will take the necessary steps to establish the proposed Peace Committee consisting of traditional leaders, religious leaders, the Ministry of Local Government, Lands and Religious Affairs and other relevant stakeholders.

(3)        Establish civic education in all educational institutions in The Gambia to teach the importance of religious tolerance and social cohesion.

3.          The Government accepts the recommendation of the Commission and will work closely with the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education and the National Human Rights Commission to review school curricula/modules on religious education provided in public schools to integrate religious tolerance and social cohesion. The Government throughthe Ministry of Education will also engage and encourage private schools to equally integrate religious tolerance and social cohesion into their curricula.

(4)        Undertake a study of how the Supreme Islamic Council could be reformed and remodeled under a proper legal framework to be more useful in Gambian society considering its potential to carry out regulatory and other useful functions.

4.           The Government notes its position and will forward the recommendation to the Supreme Islamic Council.

(5)  Make it a rule that the Head of State shall not hold any substantive or honorary position in the Supreme Islamic Council, religious body or religious order.

5.          The Government accepts the recommendation of the Commission.

(6)  Establish an interfaith consultative body that will be mandated to carry out activities that will help strengthen religious tolerance and social cohesion

The Government accepts the recommendation and notes that structures are already in place.

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