Trio intending to donate black sheep to president released After four months in police detention


Abdoulie G. Dibba Foroyaa has been informed that the three people, who were said to be arrested and detained at the Janjangbureh police station for four months for having intended to offer a black sheep to the president during his tour of agricultural sites in the area, are now released. In order to ascertain the veracity or otherwise of the information, this reporter visited Janjangbureh on Wednesday, 2 September, 2015 to further enquire about the issue. It was reported that one Modou Sam had intended to offer one black sheep to the president as a special gift in appreciation of him and had asked one of his friends, Seedy Jallow, to accompany him to present the animal. According to a family source, another friend of Sam called Camara, who is said to be a Senegalese national, also joined them as the latter was very eager to go with him as he regarded this as a rare opportunity to meet with the president. When this reporter visited the home of one of the detainees on Friday, he was told that both Jallow and Sam were released on Thursday night, September 3, but that the two had gone to the police station to report on bail as well as to plead for the release of Camara, the Senegalese national. The source confirmed the story of the arrest and detention of the three for four months. According to the source, the trio were standing on the roadside waiting for the president to come so that the said black sheep would be presented to him. It was while they were waiting when someone came to them and advised that black animal is not something one can to offer as a gift to a president and which they heeded to. The source explained that as the trio were about to go home with the animal a group came up to them and asked that they take the black sheep to the police station in Janjangbureh; that upon their arrival the animal was taken away from them and that the trio were immediately put in the cell for three days before being allowed to spend the rest of their four month detention behind the counter at the police station. The reporter also witnessed the return of the two after reporting from bail and release of their Senegalese friend after 3 o’clock on Friday afternoon. Talking to Foroyaa, one of them said “we are released on bail after spending four months in detention and we will be reporting on bail on Monday (today).” When asked whether they are charged, he said he is not aware of any charge pressed against them.    ]]>