The departed Vice President Badara Alieu Joof received a deserving tribute at the Chamber of the National Assembly in Banjul.

His school mates at Armitage, former teachers, batch mates at Yundum College, former students and teachers at Nusrat High School, colleagues from the civil service, members of the cabinet, all had something to say about the determination and resolve of a significant person in his homeland in both developing his potential to the fullest and applying his knowledge and skills to serve others.

The family also confirmed the care he had in building up a home that could be a fertile ground to nurture children to have knowledge and values. His religious teachers and mentors also spoke about his devotion. He received a posthumous decoration from the President of the Republic as Grand Commander of the Republic of the Gambia. He was mourned by all and laid to rest by the armed forces of the Republic of The Gambia.

He is gone and has left a country which continues to yearn for good sons and daughters who are willing and able to lift it to higher heights. This is the task that now confronts the nation and people. All those who have love and devotion for the people must rise to the occasion and take a stand to promote progress and prosperity.