Transport Union President Says Fuel Increment Challenging To Drivers

Omar Ceesay, GTU president

By Makutu Manneh

Omar Ceesay, President of the Gambia Transport Union, has said that the increase in fuel price is challenging to drivers.

Speaking in an exclusive interview, Ceesay said it has been realized that at the end of every month, there will often be a change in the price of petrol and diesel.

“This has a very negative impact on our daily activities, especially during our working hours as drivers,” he said.  

On Tuesday 1st June 2021, the price of petrol increased from D52.03 to D 56.11 while diesel increased from D50.64 to D53.42.

Mr. Ceesay argued that fuel price keeps increasing, while the transport fare remains the same. He said the system forces drivers to engage in certain acts and also brings confusion between drivers and commuters.

Mr. Ceesay also called on the authorities to either increase the national transport fare or lower the price of fuel.

Commercial drivers in recent interviews with this medium complained that there is no effective communication when the price of fuel changes.

The commercial drivers also said they only knew about the price changes of fuel when they reached the petrol stations. They thus called on the government to consider them when making decisions affecting their livelihood.