Transport Union President Describes Some Insurance Companies as Scammers


By Nelson Manneh  

The President of the Gambia Transport Union (GTU) Omar Ceesay, has described some vehicle Insurance Companies as scammers.

The GTU boss said this on Wednesday 20th April 2022, and said there are more than three hundred thousand private and commercial vehicles within the country, and all these vehicles pay for their annual insurance policies to the various Companies of their choice, which will never fulfill their responsibilities to policy owners, especially when accidents occur.

“The Government of the Gambia through law enforcement agents compel drivers to pay insurance but most of these Companies will not do what is expected of them when accidents happen,” he said.

Ceesay alleged that both Government and Insurance Companies do not educate drivers especially commercial vehicles drivers on their rights and what these Companies need to do for them when accidents occur.

“There are many drivers who do not know that Insurance Companies should come to their aid whenever they are involved in accidents. All they know is that they need to pay insurance, period,” he said.

The Transport Union chief said his office will continue to fight for the right of drivers especially those under his Union, and will ensure that drivers are aware of their rights and responsibilities.

“The cost of Insurance paid by drivers should serve as a deposit for them and they should be able to benefit from it if the need arises.”

Regarding the recent fatal accident that occurred in Latrikunda Sabaji, Ceesay said he is certain that those drivers paid Insurance but none of the Insurance Companies turned out to assist them. He said Insurance covers three parties and they are the vehicle, driver and victims; that whenever accidents occur, all parties to an insurance policy need to be covered by Insurance Companies. He said many drivers lose hope in Insurance Companies because they are not fulfilling their mandates and Government is an accomplice; that at his level, he has started engaging some Insurance Companies by officially writing to them, and will subsequently involve the Government through their line Ministry and the Police, to ensure that Insurance Companies fulfill their mandate towards drivers.