Transport Union Boss Says Senegalese Forces Release Ten Impounded Vehicles


Nelson Manneh and Madiba Singhateh

The President of The Gambia General Transport Union said Thursday the Senegalese forces stationed in Bwiam have released eight out of the ten vehicles that were impounded at the Bwiam Military Checkpoint.

Omar Ceesay continued: “The number of vehicles that were apprehended was ten, eight were released on Wednesday 19th August 2020 and we are left with two.”

Mr. Ceesay said the authorities were working on the modalities for the release of the two other vehicles that were impounded by the Senegalese forces.

The release of the vehicles came after the Gambia General Transport Union called on Gambian authorities to intervene and facilitate the release of the impounded vehicles.

“When the drivers were apprehended by the Senegalese Military at the checkpoint in Bwiam, the Senegalese Military accused them (the drivers) of smuggling the logs from Casamance (Senegal),” Mr. Ceesay said.

Ceesay said he doesn’t know the exact date the truckers and their vehicle were apprehended by the Senegalese forces, but added the matter was however taken to court and judgement was delivered on the case on 16th July 2020.

The GTU President said he was pleased when he was told that eight of the vehicles were released because this was the only source of income for the truckers whose vehicles were impounded by Senegalese forces.

“Most of the drivers live from hand to mouth and this is their only source of livelihood,” he said.