Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Towards Democracy Or Tyranny? Which Way Forward For The Gambia?


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Democracy thrives on the rule of Law, popular participation in social auditing of how a country is governed and peaceful and fair contest to ensure government based on consent. Both government and the citizenry display respect and conviction to uphold and protect the constitution and shun violent confrontation.

On the other hand, tyranny feeds on coercion to impose fear of might rather than nurture respect for Law. Government takes the posture of omnipotence and omniscience and shows no respect for Law or tolerance for social auditing. It builds militias acting on personal dictates rather than republican security personnel to render security services guided by the authority of the Law.

Gambia has gone through a rude awakening with the demonstrations that led to destruction of properties. Unlike Honk Kong and other countries reason has taken the upper hand. This is time to draw lessons and encourage a national conversation on how to ensure popular participation in a democratic society which would enable government to be accountable to the people. When a people are empowered they would not resort to desperate measures to try to show that they are not powerless. Which route will Gambia take? The conversation is yours to carry and the future will tell your story.


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