Thursday, July 29, 2021

Tourism And The National Economy


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The forecast of the minister of finance is that tourism will suffer setback as a result of the financial difficulties of a company engaged in chartered flights for tourists, namely, Thomas Cook. Apparently he attributed the lowering of arrivals on the collapse of the company. He did not allude any setback in tourism to any political threat.

Many Gambians are questioning whether the call for a three-year term for President Barrow will lead to political tension in December. Today is 2nd December. On this day in 2016, Gambians woke up to a new day for the first time in Gambian history. The ballot led to the change of leadership at the highest level of political power. However, this day in 2019 is just another day. Few people recall the relevance of 2nd December nor are there signs of tension in this country.

Foroyaa will continue to monitor the development up to 19th January 2020. Readers will recall between 9th December and January 21st when Gambia went through an impasse. We will compare the coming days with the days of the impasse

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